This is the third « fishing vessel » intercepted by the U.S. Navy in the Gulf of Oman smuggling lethal aid from Iran to Yemen in two months. President Joe Biden ignored media questions about classified documents found in an office he used several years ago. “I feel like he did the time he needed to grow as a person and reflect, so for me it doesn’t change anything,” another fan said. In spite of that, his “Dangerous” album was a huge success, selling more than 3 million copies in 2021, according to the Daily Mail. That made it the best-selling record of the year, beating out Adele’s “30,” which sold 1.4 million copies.

Morgan Wallen’s crowd chants

You can’t speak about this issue in the slightest; heck, you can’t speak about Wallen in the slightest, without adding, “but I agree what he did was bad” somewhere in the articles you right. I doubt he cares what some hack writer thinks though, his legions of fans and continued record breaking success easily drown out the chirping. But I did recently see a video of him doing what looked like karaoke in a tiny bar, seemingly recently, and it was so stinkin cringe and lame, I felt embarrassed for him and myself. Zach Bryan openly admits he’s not country, and has never pretended to be. I do get that it’s hard not to talk about though, since some of your peers are still so obsessed.

Morgan Wallen’s Crowd Chants ‘let’s Go, Brandon’ At Packed Madison Square Garden Show

« Morgan really wanted to be playing his music for the people. Definitely could sense it … the overall feeling was tremendous. » I wonder why they never cancel people of color who call Caucasian people honky, cracker, white bread, etc.?? Maybe they need to start being called out, starting with demanding the resignation of NYC mayor. I was there the second night, sold out both nights and loud LGB chanting! “Fuck Joe Biden” was heard a few times too throughout the night. But he’s far more sure-footed as a soft-edged crooner taking the touch points of country masculinity and rendering them with dexterous tenderness, more Brett Young than Toby Keith.

  • Chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” and “USA” broke out Wednesday at a sold-out Morgan Wallen concert in New York City’s Madison Square Garden.
  • Haha, you wish it were a bit; it’s an observation of your subconscious behavior.
  • There were no tables in the lobby promoting racial justice organizations.
  • In the video from February 2021, Wallen told his friends to “take care of this p–y-ass n—a” as he left a car for a house after a night of partying.

Hopefully this makes news at every one of his concerts and other artists too. But most revealingly, in front of his dedicated fans who would just as soon forget what happened last January, or maybe never even saw anything wrong with it, he declined to reveal himself a changed, or evolved, person. There were no tables in the lobby promoting racial justice organizations. There was nothing said onstage to indicate that Wallen had anything on his mind beyond picking up where he’d cut himself off.

A video posted on TikTok shows Lesli standing side-stage and waving her arms back and forth as the crowd chants the words “Morgan! Lesli is all smiles while she prepares the audience for Wallen to step out on stage and sing his impressive catalog of hits. The concert that was the latest edition of Country Thunder, also featured a star-studded lineup of artists, including Jason Aldean, HARDY, Lauren Alaina, Mackenzie Porter, Tracy Lawrence, Travis Tritt, Kameron Marlowe, and Ian Munsick. But it was Wallen’s mom and dad who were the real stars of the evening – at least during night two of the two-day event which saw Wallen as the headliner. We love him,” one fan told Rolling Stone when asked about Wallen’s use of the racial slur.

I’m a fan of Morgan’s, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to call it his weakest single to date. I think Wasted On You was a much better attempt of his at mixing country with trap/hip hop production just this year. Previously, Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett’s “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” from 2003, and Lonestar’s pop crossover hit “Amazed” from 1999 had both shared the record at eight weeks total at #1. Wallen, the biggest star in country music, was primed to be the kind of breakout figure that extends the reach of the genre into the pop mainstream, akin to Shania Twain or Garth Brooks. That said, Wallen simply may not need such assurances to remain at the top of country music.

Riley Green On Koe Wetzel And His Unique Brand Of Texas Country: “It’s So Hard To Have Your Own Genre… Koe’s Got A Cool Thing”

The anti-Biden chants have even gone global, making their way to Italy, where protesters were heardshouting “Fuck Joe Biden” as they passed the American Embassy in Rome during an anti-coronavirus mandate protest last month. Since its inception, the chant has been heard in various different arenas and settings, from collage and professional and college sports stadiums and arenas, to concerts, and even on commercial flights. The outrage mob is still upset that the attempted destruction of Wallen’s career following the scandal has backfired and that he’s now beginning a successful nationwide tour. Meanwhile, Wallen’s “Thought You Should Know,” also a non-album single, pushes on Country Airplay (16.4 million, up 14%). The song, which Wallen co-authored, becomes his eighth top 10 … “Morgan Wallen’s momma hyping the crowd up before her boy goes onstage is the best,” a note reads over the video.

Review: Morgan Wallen and his rowdy friend Hardy rock a massive crowd at Star Lake

….”This is why I addressed the N-word situation in the review, not to circle back around to it to virtue signal. And your “Trigger’s just trying to prove he’s not racist” bit is so tired”….. Just because they didn’t destroy his career, doesn’t mean they weren’t successful.



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